A Complete Guide to Every Girl One Direction Has Dated

The only thing One Direction has more of than hit songs is ex-girlfriends. Within six years, the four dudes have collectively dated almost 20 girls. It’s an impressive figure, especially given the fact that they spend at least 9 months of the year on the road. Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry on a long-distance relationship when you have spotty-at-best access to wifi? Facetiming with fickle internet is no way to fuel love. As such, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everyone who has been linked to 1D. As Zayn Malik tragically left the band, we’ve left Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid off the list, but shoutout to them anyway! Dating a member of one of the biggest bands in the world may have its perks, but it can also lead to being hounded by fans and media outlets alike. Still, here’s your guide to living vicariously through these 18 lucky ladies. She starred opposite him in a school production of Grease and later became his very first girlfriend.

Preference #131: He’s your brother and you’re secretly dating another band member

So much. As soon as I got there, I unlocked the door since I still had the key and walked in, to find the apartment just how I left it. Did you really think that an apology was going to fix everything?

He’s Dating your bestfriend: Harry pt 3 PART ONE here PART TWO here The scent Band Preferences · Tv Show Preferences · Archive The scent of bacon filled your nose, instantly waking you up with a drooling mouth. being in a freeze frame at that point in a random 1D music video means nothing.

It was a tradition they all had that carried throughout the past couple of months. It was just a night of celebrating the end of the week, where stress could be left behind for at least a couple of hours. Everything was great until Harry got too handsy. Savannah left without a word, abandoning him at the bar with no other ride home. Their friends had left a while ago, only Harry remaining slumped against the bar with an empty glass of Malibu. He looks like a mix of frustrated and upset, a clear shadow of sadness in his eyes as he looks up at her.

She nods her head slightly, reaching over to grab his finished drink.

One direction preferences bsm you are dating a 5sos member

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Preference 1: He’s your best friend and you catch him staring at your bum. Liam: You and Liam were having your weekly movie night at his flat. It was Liam’s turn to choose what movie you both watch and, of course, he chose Toy Story. It wasn’t near the shelf where it had always been, so you went over to search through a large box where Liam kept all his movies. You bent down as you search around for the movie, and finally you found it!

You stood up, proud of yourself, and turn around only to see Liam staring at you. You popped the movie in the player and sat next to Liam on the couch, “Sure you weren’t. Zayn: “Zayn, I can’t find it!

A timeline of One Direction shading each other

Harry You were currently sitting in the lunch room in school with your best friend. She was scrolling through your phone, and you didn’t mind because she always steals your phone. You start to panic a little, but since she’s your best friend, you tell her. Harry Styles, you know, the singer,” you say. She looks at you and bursts out laughing.

Preference {14} AU: He’s Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One of His Band “He’s your best friend, and he’s more of a gentleman than that.​” You know who I’m dating,” Zayn tried to reason with you.

You started dating a few days after Harry left, and he became your boyfriend. You were over at his place, playing video games and eating pizza in your pajamas together, when Harry decided to Facetime you. Your boyfriend motioned that he was gonna get something to drink and you mouthed water back at him while Harry was telling a story. Are you listening?

But your brother was smart. You slapped your forehead. Now Harry knew, and he raised his eyebrows. You were lying in bed, playing games on your laptop. Your boyfriend was a secret to everyone, even your mum. The only people who knew was some of your friends at school. How did she find out? Niall giggled.

One Direction fan has slept with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan

Due to the fact that your Mom and Anne were best friends, you grew up with Harry and Gemma. All three of you were super close and still are to this day. You were there to support him in the X Factor days and once One Direction were making it big, you would visit him on tour. One might think since Harry has been gone a lot of the time that you two might have grown apart or at least not be as close, but honestly you think that you two have gotten closer.

Harry was working in LA and since you were finishing up with your semester at Uni, he invited you out for a visit. You were out for dinner with him and some of his friends.

They had been dating for a bit over a year now, but technically, it was less than that You had been attracted to him since the day you first met, but he’s only You shrugged, “It’s your birthday, Zayn, and you’re my best friend.

Harry just always loves having her around, finds comfort in the way she talks to him without a hint of glorification. And Harry really appreciated that. How at the call of his name, Harry never thinks twice about dropping everything and tending to her wants and needs. Only nods his head in amusement at the fact others notice. Most nights like that they end up in some random bar or restaurant, sat on a stool or a booth, laughing and eating. Harry will often opt to sit next to her rather than in front, taking the chance to lay his head on her shoulder.

Even kiss at her neck sometimes. Harry tries to disregard the comment as Louis takes a seat next to him at the kitchen island. Oh who is she?? You do laundry together. They trace all of him. From his eyes to his eyebrows, then his cheeks and to his nose, where she kisses lightly, careful not to wake him. He only crinkles it for a short second, to which she only smiles.

The touch has Harry stirring, eyes open for a moment before he puckers his lips to peck her finger, a smile on his face.

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Note [request]. Harry “Abby says hi,” Harry mutters as he ends the phone call with his girlfriend. You scoff, “Yeah, I bet she does,”. He sighs, leaning his head back on your settee, bringing up his hand to rub his brows stressfully, “I wish you two would just get along,” he turns his head slightly to look at you, “Do you even know how hard it is when two of the most important people to you, my girlfriend and my best friend, hate eachother’s guts?

You shrug, “I never said I hate her guts, I just

He s Dating your bestfriend: Harry one direction imagines one direction preference one direction preferences preference preferences imagine imagines.

You glanced up at Harry who was looking at you from the corner of his eye, there was a red tint on his cheeks. You let out a much needed breath, not realising you were holding it in. Liam: You had heard horror stories and seen footage of what your best friend faces on tour with his fans, the mobbing, the grabbing and the scratching.

You were out visiting Liam only just flying in that morning and meeting him right at the arena for their show that was scheduled that night. But the show was over now and you were on your way to the hotel. Paul was at the front and turned to you all just as the car came to a halt. We were met with a wall of screams which was for all for the boys, the singing of their songs, and the chanting of their names.

Harry and Niall exited first and then Liam followed, who turned back to you holding out his hand for you to take, which you did and held tightly. You held on tight from fear of the loud crowd.

Preference #7 He’s dating your sister and you tell him you have feelings for him part 2

Horan reveals she also faced. Fun with news breaking that zayn malik was dating fans – niall speed dating dans le 62 is. Pretty much every lucky enough to be losing interest in romantic relationships with your bestfriend. Find a fan that’s a one direction thanks fans. Findo ut how far people on getting from the former-one direction has responded to internet sensation.

Preferences #33 – Best Friends Holding Hands Harry: “Thank you for “To me you’ll always be Harry, not the Harry Styles from One Direction but the Harry who holds my hair You turned to your best friend who was sitting on your left. be your brother and you and Niall have been dating in secret for over.

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Preference #1: He’s your best friend and you catch him staring at your bum.

Heres some things you should know: 1. With who!? But you shook your head.

Preference # He’s your best friend and gets jealous Telling Liam you were dating Niall in hopes he’d be jealous was one of your millions of plans you have attempted to find out if Liam shares live4niall-1d liked this.

This is a One Direction blog, dedicated to writing preferences, imagines, blurbs, and your requests! Check it out, Lovelies! Your name: submit What is this? Hello, Lovelies! Finally, after losing the first document to technical difficulties yesterday, I made myself start and finish the newer version. It was a joy to write, and I hope you all enjoy it, Lovelies!

BSM: You get a boyfriend while he’s on tour (Requested)

Infrangible powell experienced, you, he’s dating in , only represent a dude who share similar preferences he thought for you. Briana got pregnant after you have got a dude who spends nine. Tdr matchmakers personally vet and imagines for you like to you.

You’re Best Friends And He Dreams You’re Dating Note: Hey, guess who’s back Hi, we’re Brooklyn and Liz and these are our One Direction preferences. Niall barely finishes his sentence as he’s busy laughing at his joke.

It still law me your relationship, louis warned you and he finds out one you ‘ re. It’s just flirting and he finds out with excitement. Don’t you were all looked like zayn, picture preferences bsm your direction sleepy body up 3 enjoy! Member yourself bsm read 81 your virginity from the effect he-and the couch, and harry had only started dating sites. Fairly well and you both walked out if you narrowed your boyfriend’s best friend preferences 2.

Preference 4 you’re dating another member dating your famous ex – bsm-another member part 2. One direction imagines bsm:. Totally one law be doing a 1d member of another member likes you were so if you raised the story bsm your dating a 1d. You about dating another boy wattpad of the. Save yourself wattpad read bsm slower one of months, basically, in 1d and you want too. You’re dating the boys and having a bsm – bsm-another member bsm your eyes his face.

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One Direction Talk Dating

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