EXO’s Baekhyun Opens Up About Missing His Fans + Worrying Their Feelings For Him Will Fade

He was sure that no one else was home, but apparently, he was wrong. Luckily, he was still dressed, unlike you, so he hurried up to open the door. Outside a confused looking Baekhyun was standing. The pleasure was taking over and you let out a small moan, not realizing it until the door was barged open by someone. Luhan looked up in shock to find Chanyeol standing in the doorway with wide eyes. Both boys were silent, Luhan looking at the intruder, Chanyeol looking at you and you looking between both boys.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO

The Seoul-based and bi-ethnical South-Korean-Chinese boyband EXO , has been through some shaky times with three of its members leaving the band since its founding. Be it as it may, the band still has a huge fan base which reacts to every little scoop about their beloved idols. What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members have been floating around?

Chen has no gossip of his personal life, till a few days ago! Pics with his girlfriend or ex-gf, no proof for this were leaked from somewhere, and fans cannot keep themselves from gossiping. Some rumors also went around that he used to date Yoon Bomi of Apink , but the whether it is true or not of it remains a mystery.

Baekhyun. In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. At the time, a Korean news website posted a number of photos of Baekhyun and Girls’.

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My sunshine, my everything…what did I do to deserve such an angel, such a perfect human being? Originally posted by littlebyuns.

EXO Baekhyun deletes apology to fans about dating Taeyeon

Xiumin would have made a minor slip up while talking on the phone during an interview to a lucky fan by accidentally calling your name instead of the fans which would leave him a mumbling mess, trying to fix the mess he had made. Originally posted by ohhsenshine. Suho would have been seen the day before with you getting out of a restaurant whilst holding hands, and in the interview they were quick to call him out asking who the mysterious girl truly was, making him throw out a quick reply followed by a grin.

EXO – another member walking in on you (OT12) Xiumin: You hadn’t told the other boys You hadn’t told the other boys about you two dating yet, so when there was a Outside a confused looking Baekhyun was standing.

EXO member Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon may have ended their relationship a while ago but the two have been notoriously linked together ever after their break-up. Fans have often wondered if Baekhyun and Taeyeon are still together after they found similarities in their clothes, accessories and style. Even though they were teammates, Taeyeon and Baekhyun seem to have maintained a distance.

In the photos, Taeyeon is seen walking with some of her colleagues and Baekhyun seems to have adopted the same strategy. Although the pictures don’t indicate that the “I” singer is back with the EXO member, fans were eager to believe that there’s some hope for this former couples. On Twitter, netizens commented on the pics and wondered if they are back together. However, many others had some hilarious reactions to the pictures. One Twitter user claimed that Taeyeon and Baekhyun look like siblings while some others claimed that they look like twins.

EXO members’ reaction who didn’t come to Hawaii after seeing Baekhyun and Taeyeon pictures together pic. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Heechul and Taeyeon all in one place. Lol what kind of concept is this?

Exo Reactions

Lay would congratulate the both of you and readily give his approval for your relationship with Suho. Due to his easy-going nature, Yixing would relatively stay out of the relationship to make sure to give you guys enough space. Whenever you and Baekhyun acted like a couple, he would roll his eyes indiscreetly and make weird faces. However, if he would not tolerate anyone else making fun of the two of you since only he gets that privilege as your brother. As the mom of the group, Suho would be extremely shocked that his dongsaengs are together without him noticing.

The door that Baekhyun slams as he confides himself in the comfort of the bedroom is EXO Reaction to seeing that you (their crush) saved their number as You’re also honorarily dating Chanyeol and Chen, considering the three of He would be super smug that he got you pregnant and brag about it to his members.

EXO’s Baekhyun just gave his fans something to look forward to while many are spending time at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. The year-old K-pop idol has revealed that he is currently working on new music. Baekhyun is one of the busiest K-pop idols today, if not the busiest. All of these are on top of his own projects such as a solo album.

In his latest tweet , the “UN Village” singer shared a photo of a recording studio with a microphone hanging in front of a stand that has two pages of lyrics resting on it. Baekhyun said he is working on his new music. Some already speculate that Baekhyun’s new music could be released on his birthday in May or EXO’s anniversary in June.

I can’t believe

Taemin had been an active artist since the age of 14 when he debuted as a member of Shinee in May Lucas debuted in January as a new member of NCT. Audiences and followers had mixed opinions on the project at first, with some fans enthusiastic for the band’s debut following the release of the first teaser at Capitol Congress , [17] while others were concerned about SM Entertainment prioritizing their established groups, Exo members establishing solo careers before their mandatory military service , and the group debuting in the United States rather than starting with Korean promotions.

That level of engagement means that there is widespread interest in the group — now it’s just a matter of turning public opinion around. The group performed an unreleased song, “With You,” from separate locations.

한/eng – translator & subber for EXO ONLY!! Exo MembersBaekhyun Chanyeol​Park ChanyeolExo KEternal SunshineExo Debut DateJung YunhoUniverse.

Tags: exo kpop. NightChamp , lolola , novemberrain and 3 others like this. NightChamp , lolola , ItsMilly43 and 5 others like this. All members should start dating and start having Girlfriends or Boyfriends. I’m conflicted. I want Baekhyun to date and be happy after all he went through from his dating scandal. But at the same time, reading some of the comments from knetz makes me think the reaction will be exactly the same today.

EXO member Baekhyun and Taeyeon seen together in Hawaii; did they go on a date?

Also…two of our boys have actually been through this scenario. Enjoy as always my loves! Kris: Yifan is one of those idols I see having a verrry private and confidential personal life. So, the fact that Dispatch or some other news outlets have caught him dating would be somewhat frustrating to Kris. Kai: Now Kai, is somewhat similar to Kris in this instance.

He is a covert and reserved person and so far, it seems like he is handling his relationship with Krystal in such a manner.

SuperM (Hangul: 슈퍼엠) is a South Korean supergroup formed in by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group. The group consists of seven members from four SM Entertainment boy groups: Taemin from Shinee, Baekhyun and Kai from Exo, The tour was extended to Latin America and Europe, with three tour dates in.

A few days ago, Suho announced that his enlistment date has been released. He made the announcement with a handwritten note. Now that the singer has packed his bags for the military service, his band members – Chanyeol, Chen, Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun – came together to bid him farewell. EXO shared a few pictures from the farewell. EXO member Lay, who couldn’t make it to the farewell, took to Instagram and shared one photo from the farewell to wish his band’s leader.

Check out the photos below:. Fans also took to Twitter to give Suho a teary farewell. EXO-L wished him the best for his enlistment while also praying that his service ends soon so that he is reunited with the band. Check out a few reactions below:. My eyes are burning now but we will wait for you..

Another Exo Blog — Dating Byun Baekhyun.

To follow up Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s apology , EXO’s Baekhyun has now reached out to fans in this heartfelt post via his instagram account. Although it’s very late.. I’m leaving these words here to tell all the fans that I’m sorry for the disappointment and pain I’ve given you. I have written and erased my words many times, but I felt as if I was just putting out excuses and did not have the courage to express my heart and resolve the misunderstandings.. I also thought that saying those words now would also be meaningless..

Suho of EXOsaid that he misses much to his fellow K-Pop since the release about the funny reaction that led to the famous south Korean (more of a scare XD​). other members of EXO as Sehun, Baekhyun and Kai, were spotted at the even more by the anniversary date of EXO getting closer with each.

Sleeping next to luhan was the best but it was also hard to wake up before the boys to sneak out. Looking at the clock , I sighed and rubbed my eyes. Luhan was sound asleep next to me cutely. Kissing his cheek , I started to get ready until I saw his hand grab mine. You two walk out hand and hand and see the Exo Members look confused.

Luhan kisses your cheek and clears his throat. You and Kris walk in together with a box of cookies and coffee. Kris grabs your hand and holds you close. You squirm out but he keeps holding onto you. Holding onto yixing waist , You kiss his cheek. Today you both were going to tell the group.

Exo’s Kai and Blackpink’s Jennie are dating – here’s what it means for K-pop

You would smile and politely say thank you, a little nervous because you knew Jungkook was nearby. Originally posted by kaismypeterpan. Originally posted by pangguk. As Minseok realizes that you are already dating someone, he becomes a little flustered and embarrassed at his previous actions, then overcomes it by being friendly with Jungkook. They would respect each other and be kind.

Originally posted by divinekai.

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You can only sign at his immaturity. Baekhyu n scoffs on the other side of the door. You can imagine the way he shakes his head and rolls his eyes not too long afterwards. His words hit low but you do your best to ignore them. The part of you that finds a joke in all of this is suppressed. Instead you lean back from the door, resting against the wall opposite to it.

You only look to the door expectantly though receive no reply. His glassy eyes are no deterrent for you.

Baekhyun is very sensitive – Part 1

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